How much did you earn on ACX today?

Let me guess. You just don’t know.

ACX Sales Dashboard just doesn’t tell you how much you earn.

Such an easy feature, yet extremely useful.
Which, for some reason, has never been implemented.

I set to work to solve this problem.

And I came up with AudioReport, the only tool that makes ACX dashboards useful

Francesco Crema

Self-Published Best Selling Author
AudioReport Developer


Nice but… How does it work?

AudioReport integrates into ACX dashboard.
But it adds a single feature: royalties.
Opening the dashboard, you will be able to see the dollars generated by every single book in your specified timeframe.
Oh, one more thing. See the purple square in the bottom-right of the screenshot?
It contains the sum of your books royalties.
All that is computed in a few seconds, directly on ACX dashboard.
AudioReport works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • Seamlessy integrates with ACX Dashboard
  • Breakdown of your earnings for each book
  • 100% Safe - Won't need your email or password
  • Easy to Install - Up and running in 1 minute
  • Incredibly accurate royalty estimation
  • Automatic Updates, Forever

Ok… Should I trust you?

Don’t trust me. Hundreds of users from my self publishing community purchased and tested the Beta version of AudioReport.
Here you can see the surveys we made to beta-testers. Amazing, isn’t it?

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AudioReport works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux!


Is this a one-time payment or a recurring fee?

It’s a one-time payment! Once you get your license, it is valid forever.

Is it compatible with my computer?

Very likely. AudioReport works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and has been tested on Windows, macOS and Linux.
So, it covers pretty much any computer you may want to use.

Is it safe and secure to use?

It totally is. AudioReport will never ask for your private data and uses 128 bit SSL encryption for activation communications.

Can I share my license with other people?

No you can’t. While we use a simple license-based activation system, we have checks in place to ensure nobody abuses the system.
We reserve the right to shut down your license if you share it with other people.

Can you implement *** feature?

Your feedback is very welcome.
Please write me at [email protected]. I am always working on the next update so I will be happy to improve your user experience.

How can I purchase AudioReport?

Just click on the Buy Now button above – or below. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card.
Payments are 100% secure and guaranteed by Stripe.

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For any question or feedback, do not hesitate! Get in touch at [email protected]


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